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Discover how we can make your documents flexible, inexpensive marketing tools that work

Improved Quality
    300 or 600 DPI standard output
    Proportional & fixed fonts
    On-demand large font output
    Simplex, Duplex, Twinplex, Quadplex

Variable Messaging
    Communicate personalized information
    Unique messages for each customer
    Multiple Messaging capabilities

Spot Color Highlights
    Reduce errors & in-bound calls
    Enhance understanding/retention
    Stimulate motivation to purchase
    Clarify costs & services
    Improve cashflow

Selective Inserting
    Target specific markets quickly/easily
    Optical mark recognition
    Bar codes

"On-the-Fly" Advertising
    Advertise differently to each household
    Create unique new Co-Op Revenue
    Promote new services with icons

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